10063 Thermo Future Box 61L

Outside dimension :
L600 x W400 x H400 mm
L23.4 x W15.6 x H15.6 inch

Inside dimensio :
L538 x W337 x H337 mm
L20.982 x W13.143 x H13.143 inch

Capacity(L) : 61
Material(s) : EPP

Temperature Range : -40°C – 120°C



More space and special recessed grips inside.

With handle

High density material and round edges for more durability, 100% made of low weight EPP material.

Negligible water absorption.

Good heat insulating properties, function reliable over a wide range of temperature.

Recommended according to EU 1935/2004

Good resistance to chemicals and oils, easy to clean and sterilise.

Free from propellant gases and other chemical blowing agents, free of CFC.