Ariete 730 Steak House Grill

410 x130 x260 mm

16.1 x5.1 x10.2 in

Material: Non-stick Plates

Timer : 30 minutes




  • Allowed to cook more tasty and healthy steaks up to 4 cm, chicken, sausages, ribs, hamburgers, vegetables, bread, fruit, fish etc.
  • No Smoke: Vertical cooking system lets greases to flow down into the special tray and never come into contact with internal resistances, and this avoids the formation of smoke.
  • Easy to clean: The internal parts are easily removable and washable to completely eliminate any food residue. Grill can be opened at 180° and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Eliminate excess fats: Meat will be lighter thanks to the vertical cooking that allows the excess fat to be poured into the special tray.
  • Heat uniformly: Food perfectly cooked because of the two powerful lateral resistances.